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January 17, 2023 12:30 PM | Anonymous

We're on week three of the new year and many of you have begun to execute your plans for 2023.

Or, maybe you're plotting your calendar.  

Whatever stage you are in, schedule our Match Factor Pilot Project into your timetable.

Match Factor takes Alberta businesses looking to sell their enterprises, helps them put together a transition plan, matches them with investors and facilitates the employment of skilled Ukrainian people displaced by the war in their region.

It's a unique and creative solution to keep Alberta businesses open in communities and to address workforce challenges.  

EDA and SuccessionMatching, an online community of business buyers, sellers, and succession planning professionals launched this pilot project last month. 

SuccessionMatching has already identified capital investors interested in purchasing and partnering with suitable Alberta businesses. And the SuccessionMatching team will be the point of contact for onboarding Ukrainian people who have landed in Canada and match them to the business opportunities.

What can you do?

Identify businesses in your communities, ready to transition, who would benefit from participating in the project.

It's a win - win- win solution which will ultimately result in thriving communities. 

Read more and get involved here.

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