About Us 

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) is Alberta’s only professional organization for economic developers. The organization is dedicated to advancing the economic development profession in the province by providing an active network of professional development, information and networking opportunities. EDA is a not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors, who represent the interests of its membership as a whole. Successful economic development requires the coordinated, collaborative effort of many individuals and organizations. Accessing a wide network of professionals is essential if you want to succeed in the field of economic development.

Our Members

EDA’s broad and varied membership base includes: municipalities; towns; regions; tourism groups; financial institutions; Crown Corporations; businesses; Regional Economic Development Authorities; Community Futures Development Corporations; federal, provincial, regional and municipal government agencies; students; NGO’s; and other groups and individuals that are either involved or interested in economic development. Become an EDA Member.

What We Do

One of the ways we connect our members to this local, national and international network is through providing a range of events and seminars throughout the year. Our Leaders' Summit and Conference enables you to network with other economic development professionals, learn about new trends and advances in the field, hear best practices, and develop your professional skill set.

One of our other goals is to create awareness and understanding for the entire spectrum of community economic development. We provide our members and key stakeholders with a range of valuable information, tools and resources on an ongoing basis. This includes sharing best practices; providing access to established tools such as courses and seminars that help you grow and maintain a strong, diverse economy; identifying emerging issues and trends in the field; distributing regular and timely information bulletins; and delivering relevant content on EDA’s website. In addition, our affiliations with other local, national and international groups enable us to access a wealth of other information, resources and professional contacts.

EDA was established officially on February 15, 1974. 

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Our Vision is that "economic developers provide valued expertise that is integral to fostering an economically prosperous, diverse, sustainable Alberta". 

Our Mission is to provide leadership to advance economic development as a profession; enhance the professional development of its members; and support Alberta communities in fostering sustainable community economic prosperity. 

To view our Code of Ethics, click here. To view our current bylaws click here.

To view our Policies and Procedures for EDA Code of Ethics Enforcement click here.

Our Strategic Priorities:

  • Nourish mutually beneficial ALLIANCES and partnerships
  • Promote quality, diverse EDUCATION and training
  • Identify relevant INFORMATION, research and best practices 
  • Ensure ORGANIZATIONAL sustainability
  • UNWAVERING commitment to leadership in the economic development field


Economic Development is the process of developing, diversifying and maintaining suitable economic, social, and political environments, in which balanced growth may be realized, increasing the wealth of the community.   

Key Elements of EDA’s definition include:

  1. Process:  Economic development is a process, not a project.  It is a series of steps that build on one another to create a desired outcome.
  2. Diversification: into different markets, or attracting different industries, can reduce the impact of any single event in one market or industry on the local community.
  3. Suitable:  The community or region must determine what it believes is suitable for its particular circumstances. Population characteristics, resources, and the desires of residents will affect the types of Environments: economic, political, and social environments. Economic development does not happen in a vacuum, but is affected by other elements or environments.
  4. Balanced growth: is an important consideration.
  5. Wealth:  Each community or region defines wealth differently. While wealth is often determined in financial terms, it may also include factors such as job creation, direct project costs, additional assessment base and/or lifestyle considerations.

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