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economic development for elected officials (eo)

Economic Development 101 ! 

Specifically designed for elected officials and local leadership.

Provides theory, fundamental economic development applications, and examples of best practices.

This "30,000-foot” view of economic development helps you align your mandate and projects with the current economic development situation. 

This is a core course in our Community Economic Development Training Program (CEDTP).  

course Outcomes 

  • Gain an overview of economic development's key points and understand the pivotal role elected officials play in empowering communities to achieve economic objectives.
  • Acquire skills in strategic community development planning, including creating guiding frameworks, utilizing data for decision-making, and gathering essential data for progress.
  • Gain insight into local government's role in economic development, providing insights into its significance and impact.
  • Understand core economic development strategies, learn to identify target markets, and develop compelling value propositions to meet their goals.
              • Understand the  importance of collaboration in economic development, outlining team responsibilities, and exploring various funding mechanisms and structures for incentivization.
              • Understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in economic development, evaluate performance metrics, identify relevant KPIs for economic growth, and understand their impact through illustrative outcomes.
              • Identify different types of disasters, explains resilience concepts, outlines the process of fostering community economic resilience, and delineates the role of elected officials in this process
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