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fundamentals of rural economic development (red)

Collaboration is key!

 Craft, execute, and refine effective rural economic development strategies.

This course enables you to pinpoint and leverage economic opportunities specific to your circumstances in rural and remote areas.  

This is an optional Community Economic Development Training Program (CEDP) course.

course Outcomes 

  • Understand the significance of rural economic development, its distinctions in rural versus urban settings, and common challenges faced by rural communities.
  • Acquire  skills to assess rural community needs and assets using tools like Community Needs Assessment (CNA), Asset Mapping, and Gap Analysis, facilitating the identification of strengths, challenges, and opportunities for capacity building.
  • Gain insight into strategic planning and implementation, distinguishing between project and strategic planning, developing Rural Economic Development Plans based on CNAs, and integrating the Logic Model to illustrate connections between resources, activities, and outcomes.
              • Understand  rural economic development strategies, receive guidance on selecting the most suitable strategy, and learn creative approaches to connecting strategies with resources
              • Create inclusive community engagement, fostering participation and community ownership, leveraging partnerships, and addressing conflict within rural communities.
              • Empower local leadership, establish collaborative governance structures, identify rural economic development models, and define the roles of economic development officers, organizations, or committees in fostering economic growth.
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