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community economic resilience (cer)

Adapt, grow, and thrive! 

Explore the ongoing process of resilience and how communities can "bounce back better" from crises. 

Elevate your leadership in post-disaster recovery with strategic insights and essential skills.

Discover effective rebuilding strategies for long-term community vitality and growth.

Build a resilient future!

This is a core course in our Community Economic Development Training Program (CEDTP). 

course Outcomes 

  • Understand the pivotal role of leadership in economic recovery efforts post-disaster, spanning various stakeholders including economic development organizations and government bodies.
  • Analyze the diverse impacts, challenges, and opportunities posed by economic disruptions resulting from disasters, enabling strategic responses and planning.
  • Develop skills in building organizational capacity and assessing economic impacts to facilitate business continuity and recovery post-disaster.
  • Implement effective Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) strategies before and after disasters, fostering community economic resilience and supporting businesses through preparedness, response, and recovery phases.
        • Master crisis communication techniques, including media interaction, essential for effective disaster response and maintaining public trust during times of crisis.
        • Formulate comprehensive Community Economic Resilience Plans, integrating concepts, processes, and strategies to bolster community resilience and facilitate neighborhood revitalization.
        • Explore methods for economic diversification and "Building Back Better," including planning and development strategies, financing mechanisms, and infrastructure considerations crucial for post-disaster rebuilding and long-term resilience.
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