EDA's Policy for Information Sharing

In keeping with EDA’s mandate to provide networking and information sharing to its membership, EDA has agreed to disseminate information originating from its members and strategic partners. However EDA has parameters as to what information is shared and where.

EDA Members who ask for or deliver:

  • Economic information
  • Economic development information
  • Job postings
  • RFP’s
  • Events involving EDA
  • Education and training involving EDA
  • Member assistance- requesting advice/best practices

This information or request for information will be disseminated to the membership in the manner deemed fit by EDA in one or more of the following ways:

  • EDA e-blast
  • E-newsletter; the LINK
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Members Only Blog
  • Other collateral documents as designated by EDA

If members would like to promote the successes of their own initiatives that don’t include EDA such as:

  • Organizational or individual awards that do not have an EDA component
  • Education and training that do not involve EDA
  • Financial successes of a company
  • General advertising/promotion
  • Awarding of contracts where EDA’s network was not involved

This information will not be disseminated by EDA but members are free to provide a link to their websites on the EDA webpage in the member’s section, called “Our Members Success Stories”. This will be a page of links only with the headline. “If you want to read about the success stories of some of our members click on the links below.”

There is an announcement that this webpage exists in the EDA LINK, and EDA is not obliged to offer any further promotion.

This policy also applies to EDA’s social media pages; members who post their success stories that exclude EDA involvement will have their posts removed and instead be reminded they can offer that information on the EDA website.

EDA is under no obligation to disseminate information that does not originate from EDA members or strategic partners and reserves the right to say no to the distrubiton of information.

Where EDA has agreed to distribute information, it is not responsible for the content. As it relates to Career Postings and RFP Postings, it is up to the applicant to do their own to diligence. 

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