EDA Community Awards (Awards of Excellence) 

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The EDA Community Awards (Awards of Excellence) recognize outstanding work from economic developers across Alberta, and showcase best practices in economic development projects and promotions. There are three awards in three categories: small, medium and large communities in BRE, BIA and CED.

Entry Fee- $110 (+ GST) per entry.

Deadline- Entries are accepted until 4:30 PM MST,  March 1, 2022.   

Categories- The Awards recognize achievement in the following categories:

  • Business & Investment Attraction (BIA)
  • Business Retention & Expansion (BRE)
  • Community Economic Development (CED)

Groups- Groups are based on community population. There are three Groups in each Category. There is an award for each Group making a total of three awards in each Category:

  • Small community/region = population up to 25,000
  • Medium community/region = population from 25,001–100,000
  • Large community/region = population 100,001+    

The 3 Group winners in each Category will automatically go forward as Finalists for the Alex Metcalfe Award in that Category. Alex Metcalfe Award's represent recognition for the "best of the best" project in each Category.

Eligibility- A voting member of EDA in good standing can submit a nomination in any of the above stated categories and will be judged against entries from other applicants within the same community size. If there is a multi-community or regional submission, the total population of all participating communities must be considered when submitting your entry.

Submission Outline- The Awards of Excellence should reflect achievements in effective economic development practice and process related to Business & Investment Attraction (BIA), Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) and Community Economic Development (CED).To demonstrate project effectiveness, please describe the project activities related to the following topics:

  • Goal Achievement - what you set out to do and why.
  • Economic Impact and Cost Effectiveness - the outputs and outcomes, increased revenues, benefits or return on investment; a cost-effective approach that brought added value; the extent of the economic impact on the community/region of the project. For example, this could include an increase in the overall tax base, the creation of new jobs, or achievement of criteria relevant to the goals for the program.
  • Stakeholder Development and Community Engagement - demonstrated community involvement at various levels; increased community economic development capacity.
  • Innovation and Originality - demonstrated innovative and original approach to achieving the goals of the project.
  • Marketing - details of any marketing or promotional activities, which may include, but not be exclusive to, a campaign, website, special events or programs, video and film, virtual tours, CD or DVD, promotional items, giveaways, brochure (print or electronic), advertising (print or electronic), use of social media, branding, destination marketing or related initiative.
  • Best Practices - processes and learnings that can serve as a model or be duplicated by other organizations, communities or regions. 

Project activities, significant achievements or outcomes must have taken place between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021

Criteria- For each Awards of Excellence entry, you should consider the following questions as they relate to your project:  

  • Why did you create it?
  • How did it help you reach your goals/objectives?
  • What were the results?    

Judges will examine each entry and rate it based on the following criteria:    


Criteria Ranking Score
Goal Achievement

Achievement of the stated objective of the project using measureable results.

0 - 10


Economic Impact and Cost Effectiveness

The extent of the economic impact on the community/region the project was undertaken. For example, this could include an increase in the overall tax base, the creation of new jobs, or criteria relevant to the goals for the program.

0 - 15

Stakeholder Development

Development of strong relationships with relevant players and widespread support in the community.

0 - 5

Innovation and originality

The project demonstrates an innovative and original approach to achieving the goals of the project, whether in project design, process or marketing

0 - 5

Communications, Marketing and Promotion

Effective and creative use within the project, of:

  • Campaigns
  • Website
  • Special Events and Programs
  • Video & film, virtual tours, CD & DVD, promotional items, giveaways
  • Brochure (print or electronic)
  • Advertising (print or electronic)
  • Use of Social Media
  • Branding – Destination Marketing
  • Other      


Best Practice Application

The relevance and transferability of elements of this project to other communities.

0 - 5

Total Score


Procedure- Digital formats are required. 

Submission Procedure - Digital formats are required. Each entry must include:

  • Selection of appropriate Category (BIA, BRE, CED)
  • Selection of Group size (large, medium, small)
  • Completion of online entry form
  • Executive Summary (Maximum 150 words)
  • Project Summary outlining the project, execution/implementation, results achieved and effectiveness of the initiative
  • Digital photo(s) or graphic representation of the submitted project MUST be provided (i.e. ad, logo, screen shot, brochure cover). To be displayed via a powerpoint presentation, onto a maximum of 3 slides.
  • Payment ($110/submission)
  • Supporting documents may be attached as appendices

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