Economic Developer of the Year Award

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This is awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions to economic development within the province of Alberta. Any member in good standing may nominate one or more candidate(s) for consideration.

Nominee Eligibility: Any EDA voting member who is in good standing and resides in Alberta.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for this category.

Deadline: Entries are accepted until 4:30 PM MST, Wednesday, March 11, 2022.

Criteria: The following criteria are considered as part of the nomination process:

  • Years in the field
  • Economic development studies
  • Professional accomplishments, service to the profession, and relevant community involvement
  • Demonstrated innovation and creativity in the profession
  • Letters of commendation and other supporting documentation

Procedure: The nomination package must include:

  • Submission of the online nomination form
  • Letter of nomination
  • Current CV of the nominee
  • An outline of the nominee’s career in economic development and detailed list of accomplishments (refer to EDA website for Adjudication Criteria)
  • A minimum of three letters of commendation. (maximum 5). One from the nominee’s current employer, and two from the community at large (peers, clients, past employers, etc.). One must be from an EDA member.
  • Other information that may be relevant
  • A digital photo of the nominee that can be used during the presentation ceremony

Adjudication Criteria: The following form will be used to evaluate submissions.


Economic Developer of the Year Award Criteria



Years in Economic Development:

  • 0-5 years- 2 points
  • 5-10 years - 4 points
  • 10+ - 5 points

1 - 5

Economic Development Studies

Demonstrated commitment to education and professional development. This could include University of Calgary, University of Waterloo, EDAC, IEDC, CEDTP Courses, economic development conferences, seminars, webinars, etc.

1 - 5

Professional Accomplishments

The nominee’s career experience including:

  • Accomplishments in the economic development field. This could include successful projects, demonstrated leadership, published papers, awards and recognition, client satisfaction, etc.
  • Service to the profession. This could include participation in EDA, EDAC, IEDC, Raising The Bar program, related economic development organizations, and associations.
  • Other relevant community involvement and experience.

1 - 20

Innovation and creativity in economic development

Evidence of how the nominee exemplifies innovation, creativity and leading-edge practices in his/her work.

1 - 5

Letters of Commendation

  • One letter of support from nominee’s current employer
  • Two additional letters of support from peers, clients, past employers, etc.

1 - 10

Supporting documentation

  • Letter of nomination
  • A current CV/resume of the candidate
  • Other information that may be relevant (newspaper clippings, etc.).

1 - 5

Total Score




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