• March 29, 2021 3:30 PM | Anonymous

    EDA Annual Awards of Excellence


    You have TWO DAYS to apply for our Annual Awards of Excellence. 

    The deadline: Wednesday March 31, 4:30 pm.

    Our Annual Awards of Excellence recognize the province’s best economic development marketing materials, programs, partnerships and professionals that have made significant contributions to the profession. 

    Here is what one of the 2020 Award of Excellence winners had to say:  "Winning the EDA Award of Excellence has been a great feather in the cap for Northeast Alberta in the area of Tourism Development. 

    As a region striving to develop a tourism economy, this award has aided in the ongoing support of the efforts."

  • March 24, 2021 4:00 PM | Anonymous

    Platinum Partner

    Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API)

    Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) is pleased to welcome Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) our brand new Platinum Partner at EDA Xperience 2021, EDA's Leaders' Summit and Conference.

    This new partnership underscores the importance of this event as it brings together, for the first time, the cream of the crop in the Alberta economic development landscape to discuss the opportunities present in the Alberta economy and insights on how to accelerate them.  

    Challenges and opportunities for local and regional economies in 2021 are very different than those we have encountered in the past, and EDA Xperience 2021 provides a platform for these important discussions by Alberta political and economic decision makers.   

  • February 22, 2021 2:50 PM | Anonymous

    EDA is pleased to announce we have earned an EDAC Marketing  Canada Award

    Our entry is the "EDA Economic Recovery and Resiliency Program: Covid-19 Response" in the Recovery Project / Plan category. 

    We are thrilled and grateful to the EDA team and EDA Board of Directors who together created an award worthy program!
  • February 02, 2021 10:48 AM | Anonymous

    Business Retention and Expansion Online 

    Pandemic restrictions and winter weather are forcing us indoors. 

    Seize this opportunity to work on your professional development!

    Take our online course: Business Retention and Expansion. It starts February 16. Register by clicking the button below. 

    You'll learn critical information such as how a business retention and expansion strategy helps to create a resilient community. You won't want to miss this opportunity. 

    Business Retention and Expansion 

    February 16 - March 22

    Through the University of Calgary

    Register by clicking the button below:

    BRE Registration 


    All courses in our Community Economic Development Training Program (CEDTP) are offered online through the University of Calgary.

    These courses can be applied to your Ec.D designation. They are also eligible for credit towards the Management Certificate-Economic Developers offered through the University of Calgary in conjunction with EDA.  

  • January 28, 2021 5:00 PM | Anonymous

    EDA Ministry Meet Up

    Thank you for taking part in our "EDA Ministry Meet Up: Innovation, Research, Technology." We trust you found the information valuable and made some important connections.

    Thank you EDA Vice President Trevor Lewington for hosting this virtual event.

    Thank you to our speakers:

    • Robert Fuller - IRAP
    • Janet Dorey - Acting Regional Director General at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
    • Stephanie Stefura - Senior Innovation Advisor with Innovation Canada
    • Steve McMahon - Innotech Alberta
    • Doug Holt - Alberta Innovates
    • Scott Nye - Digital Alberta

      Thank you to AUMA for your support and for AUMA's Gold level partnership in these Ministry Meet Ups. 

      We know from experience there is value in bringing together economic development leaders with key government representatives, both elected and non-elected to network, build relationships and share program information. 


      If you would like to see the presentations, please click on the button below to watch a video of the Ministry Meet Up on EDA's YouTube channel.

      Watch: Innovation, Research, Technology 

      The COVID-19 pandemic, limiting our ability to meet in person safely, disrupted our 2020 Ministry Dinner in October. EDA's creative solution is developing a series of virtual EDA Ministry Meet Ups.

      Every month leading to our in-person 2021 EDA Ministry Dinner, we are hosting a series of noon hour virtual EDA Ministry Meet Ups with key government officials discussing specific topics. 

      Our next Meet Up is:

      Employment, Workforce, Labour, Immigration

      Wednesday, February 24

      Click on the button to read about and to register for all of the Ministry Meet Ups:

      EDA Ministry Meet Ups and 2021 EDA Ministry Dinner 
    • January 22, 2021 5:00 PM | Anonymous

      Please be advised there is a phishing email in circulation using the EDA/Invest in Alberta branding.

      Please do not click on any links. Simply block the sender and delete the email.  The subject of the phishing email is: 

      "EDA Updated Policy Statement 2021"

      The content reads in part...... 


      We hope and trust that you are doing great staying safe and healthy this new year as we anticipate a covid-free, healthy and safe business environment......" 

      Again, EDA did NOT send this email.

    • January 18, 2021 5:00 PM | Anonymous


      Alberta Economic Development Leaders' Summit & Conference 

      Partner With Us - EDA's Upcoming Leaders' Summit & Conference

      Dear Nancy Toombs, 

      Our Xperience#EDA2020 online Conference was huge hit and it demonstrated EDA is able to pivot and deliver top notch content in a creative way despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

      Get ready! Because the creative juices are really flowing, and our 2021 Leaders' Summit and Annual Conference is poised to be even better content delivered on an even more creative online platform!  

      Held May 19 -20, you'll want to get involved and have your brand associated with this world class Conference "Xperience."

      When you become a Partner for this 2021 event, your company or organization gets unique profile during and after the Conference.

      Each partnership level has various benefits associated with it, depending on the level of commitment selected. Sign up early to make sure you get the best sessions and benefits!

      Download our Partner Package 
      Join Us! - Online Partnership Form 

      Partners, you will be getting even more bang for your buck! 

      We will be providing an additional digital experience during and after the Conference: 

      1. Exhibitor “booths” enabling you to make your organization's information available on the Conference website for delegates to experience.
      2. Hosted, live interactive Zoom rooms. 
      3. The ability for you to share professional quality presentations or your branded content with your networks and beyond. 
      4. Recognition of your brand throughout presentations and an opportunity to open doors through unique virtual networking channels. 
      5. The Conference website will be LIVE for 90 days after the conference is over enabling delegates to revisit and rewatch the sessions and see the partners' contributions.
      6. A recording of the Conference sessions, including a mention of the session Partner, will be available on our YouTube channel, EDA TV, once the conference is over.  (Here is the link to EDA's Youtube channel where you can see the sessions from Xperience#EDA2020). 

      About the Alberta Economic Development Leaders' Summit and Conference:

      • It attracts over 300 local, national, and international experts in the field of economic development, and elected officials from across the province. 
      • Delegates will be provided with information about Alberta’s current and emerging sector opportunities, updates on economic development issues and trends, best practices, inspiring keynote addresses, and interactive virtual networking opportunities.
      • By incorporating EDA’s Economic Development Leaders’ Summit into the conference, we will create a forum for Alberta’s economic development leaders to talk about what is happening in our province; identify practical ways to move our economy forward; and support each other in moving Alberta’s ambitious economic development agenda forward.

      Join us May 19-20 for a unique Conference Xperience 

    • January 11, 2021 5:00 PM | Anonymous

      Alberta Economic Development Leaders' Summit & Conference 

      2021 Xperience Box Submissions

      Dear Janice Grant, 

      The Xperience Boxes that were delivered to Xperience#EDA2020 conference delegates were a huge hit.

      We shopped locally and ensured the boxes contained high-quality Made in Alberta items. It was a creative way to showcase local products as well as profile Alberta businesses.

      The Xperience Boxes will be back for our 2021 Annual Conference!

      And we are giving YOU the chance recommend products you would like to see included in the Box!

      Are you a business owner and have a high quality Made in Alberta product you would like to see in our Xperience box?

      Does your business have the ability to take online orders?

      Or, do you recommend a business in your community? 

      Please make your submission by clicking the button below.

      (Remember the products do not necessarily have to be a food item)

      We are also looking for ideas for a "signature" item in the Xperience Box.

      The deadline to submit your recommendation is March 1. 

      Xperience Box Submission Form 

      Make your submission now! Products will be selected on a "first- come-first-served" basis.

      Part of our 2021 Alberta Economic Development Leaders' Summit and Conference is creating even more profile for the vendors in the Xperience Box.

      Stay tuned for those details.

      If you would like to see the items in the 2020 Xperience box please click on this link to take a tour.

      Here is the list of vendors in the Xperience#EDA2020 Xperience Box. 

      Here's what some delegates had to say about their Xperience Boxes:

      I LOVE my experience box. What a fantastic idea. Can you send along my kudos for a great job to whoever is responsible?

      Thank you guys so much!!  It was a very generous gift and quite the treat!  I had a good look at each item to see where they were all from    Very lovely indeed!

      Thank you so much – the box was completely unexpected but thoroughly enjoyed. 

      Xperience box was out of this world fantastic!

      It was certainly different, intriguing, and fascinating. An excellent idea and very much appreciated.  Thank you.

    • January 05, 2021 5:00 PM | Anonymous

      It's a brand new year and with it, EDA has fresh new ideas.

      Some of those ideas have been implemented in our EDA Membership program.

      New Categories

      As you may know, at our April AGM last year, new membership categories were approved to be effective January 2021.

      All members are still entitled to the many benefits of membership such as: access to world class events, professional development opportunities and resources, discounted pricing, networking opportunities, and partnership opportunities. 

      Individuals can either be a voting or non-voting member. Voting members are eligible to attend the AGM, vote on various issues, serve as an EDA Board Member and apply for our Annual Awards of Excellence.

      No Group members are voting members. 

      We encourage you to check your current membership category today in order to ensure it is the one you want to be in for 2021.

      New Ideas

      We have also created the EDA Member Memo. By simply clicking a button on our website, Members are able to share information on innovative programs and services you think would benefit EDA Members. This link will be live 365 days a year allowing you to provide feedback on an ongoing basis. 

      We know our Members are on the ground, rolling up their sleeves, practicing economic development, and making a real difference in their communities. As an organization we are eager to capture information that will better equip you with the best tools and resources to help build Alberta's economy once community at a time.

      To read more about membership, or to submit your innovative idea, click here.http://www.edaalberta.ca/sys/website/?pageId=68171 

    • December 21, 2020 4:37 AM | Anonymous

      I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to say as 2020 draws to a close.  I didn’t want this message to be just a few nice words and pleasant thoughts.  

      As you know, it truly has been an extraordinary year.

      For many of us, the year started with great optimism and hope. Then we faced the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty, loss of normalcy, and growing anxiety ensued. Strategic plans had to be shelved; fundraising goals went unmet; trips were cancelled; events went online or were postponed indefinitely; our homes became classrooms, virtual offices and/or global headquarters; and “you are on mute” became the most frequently quoted statement.

      Even though I have been training families, businesses and communities in disaster preparedness, response and recovery for a number of years, the pandemic forced me to put this theory into practice as well. My number one goal quickly became navigating EDA successfully through these turbulent COVID waters.

      What I know, without a doubt, is that with every crisis comes opportunity. I am proud of the work the EDA board and team has accomplished this year. Our focus has been simple. Keep our members interests core, while increasing the value of what we offer. While it has been challenging, I believe we have re-envisioned how we do things, established new partners, and become more resilient as a result.

      To be honest, it has been tough. I’ve said on a number of occasions that I have felt like a pretzel- having to turn, contort and twist continually. We had to reinvent our Annual Conference, Ministry Dinner, Invest in Alberta publication, Leaders’ Summit, CEDTP training and AGM to name a few. I feel tired writing this....

      I recognize that everyone is disappointed we have been unable to meet in person, but I believe our economic development family is still very much connected and engaged. The pandemic will pass, and we will find our next normal, hopefully soon. In the interim, we will continue to make lemonade out of lemons.

      To all of our devoted partners, board, members, and supporters, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and active engagement this year. Rest assured, I do not take your support for granted and look forward to reconnecting in the New Year.  

      I trust you will be able to celebrate with your loved ones (in whatever form that takes) this holiday season, and may you continue to enjoy COVID-free health and success in 2021!


      Leann Hackman-Carty, CEO

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