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EDA’s Mentorship Program provides members with a powerful tool to support professional growth. The matchmaking process took the guesswork out of finding a suitable Mentor to help me take on new career challenges. Through the guidance, knowledge and support of my Mentor, I was able to more effectively transition into a new role.

Jacqueline Buchanan, Regional Ec. Dev. Specialist, Alberta Ministry of Jobs, Economy & Northern Development 

The EDA Mentorship Program is exclusive to EDA members and designed to build professional relationships among economic developers who are looking for guidance or who are seasoned professionals that have knowledge to share. Our Mentorship Program offers a match making process where both parties would benefit through learning and development. 

The Mentor-Mentee relationship can help someone through a challenging project, advise on a career move, or be a sounding board for new ideas. In our program, the Mentor and Mentee decide the scope of the relationship and ways to confidentially. Mentor-Mentee partnering is done based on best fit and as the result of the questionnaires filled out by Mentors and Mentees (need, abilities, and location). 

EDA Guide to Mentorship


In the community economic development field, mentorship is critical. It is a unique profession in that regard. The need for mentorship in rural and remote communities is even greater. 

This year, EDA is focused on supporting rural economic developers with mentorship opportunities. In 2023, our goals are to:

  • Enhance our Mentorship program to meet the current demand from rural practitioners for knowledge and experience from seasoned economic development practitioners
  • Actively target and sign up 5 Mentees currently working in rural/remote communities and 5 Mentors with rural/remote experience and have them complete Confidentiality agreements
  • Hold a Kick-off Mentor Matching event at the 2023 EDA conference in April
  • Hold a virtual training session to review the concept of mentorship. What it is and what it is not.
  • Complete and fulfill 5 Mentor/Mentee Agreements with key objectives and outcomes
  • Host a virtual mid-program check-in with Mentors, Mentees and EDA program leaders
  • Hold a Mentorship roundtable at the 2024 EDA conference to debrief on process, best practices, and recommendations for program improvement.

If you want to be a Mentor or Mentee in 2023 let us know by clicking on the blue button on the right. Involvement in this program is a perk to EDA membership. Become an EDA member here. 

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