Applications for the Xperience Alberta App

  • Destination Marketing- Destination Marketing Organizations, Economic Development Organizations, and Chambers of Commerce use 468 Insider to guide visitors, and incentivize purchases at local businesses. 468 apps can help create collaboration within a region, making collective assets and individual places more appealing. They also create opportunities for residents to learn more about the communities in which they live and reap rewards for supporting local businesses.

  • Agritourism- 468 Insider gamifies farm and wine tours by adding extra incentives to buy, not just taste. With a 468 Insider app, reward people for exploring the community’s agricultural businesses while capturing valuable data about that activity – where they go and where they’re from.
  • Shop Local- 468 Insider apps are a great tool for making locally owned businesses stand out among a sea of online and big box alternatives, which take revenue and jobs out of the local community. Shop local organizations use 468 Insider to even the scales, making local business patronage not only the right thing to do, but also financially appealing to shoppers.
  • Ale Trails- Brewers Guilds use 468 Insider to create branded ale trail apps that reward craft beer lovers for exploring breweries and the points of interest around them. These apps guide and incentivize both visits to and sales at individual breweries. Our reporting tools generate rich data related to beer enthusiast activity – where they go and where they’re from – that guilds use for ale trail wide promotions and breweries use for customer loyalty programs.
  • Walking Tours- 468 Insider is a great platform for walking tours – turning a basic guide into an interactive experience and driving traffic into businesses along the route. Some clients transition from a printed guide to a 468 app, as 468 Insider apps are typically less expensive than annual printing costs, can be updated in real time, and of course yield valuable usage data.
  • Hotel Concierge- Hotels use 468 Insider to give their guests a curated guide to the best experiences outside their hotels – in a way that incentivizes return stays and promotes other area businesses. By delivering on guests’ expectations of local insider knowledge, and then rewarding people to act on that knowledge, hotel owners can also create a sales funnel – for themselves as well as local business partners.
  • Education- In the era of Pok√©mon Go, educators are challenged to keep students engaged in the learning process. 468 Insider helps educators use mobile technology to more deeply engage and reward students for experiencing and learning about the world around them. The app can be used not only as a teaching tool, but also for organizing field trips, encouraging attendance to school events and fundraising.

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