Introductory CEDTP Course


This foundation course is the first in our CEDTP series and will provide you with the knowledge and skills to become proficient in economic development.

This course is also available online through the University of Calgary in an easily accessible and flexible format. To view or register for an upcoming online course click here.

Specific topics include:

  • Definition of economic development

  • Understanding your role and responsibilities
  • Engaging your community in economic development
  • Finding the information you need to do the job
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Benchmarking for success

The primary goal of this course is to provide a basic understanding of:

  • What economic development is;
  • How you fit into the function; and
  • How you can best serve your community as an economic development professional.

Other Goals:

  • To increase participants’ understanding of the principles and theories of economic development and how it forms the foundation of every community.
  • To raise the level of awareness and profile of the important role economic development plays in vibrant communities.
  • To identify how projects link into the continuous process of economic development.
  • To introduce the concept of community-driven economic development, a concept commonly referred to as community economic development or CED.
  • To present a high-level overview of the tools, resources, and local case studies that can help economic developers meet development challenges as well as seize opportunities effectively.
  • To provide a template for the process of planning.

We offer this course online, and in-person. To book, select your format below. If booking in-person, please advise preferred date you wish to book.

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