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Alberta communities have a resource, designed to shine a spotlight on local businesses, and encourage people to explore their community.  

EDA is providing a platform that allows you to create your own, branded App for your community- to encourage users to shop your local businesses, visit your local attractions and support your local events. The Xperience Alberta App is available as a result of a licensing agreement between EDA and 468 Communications, the platform provider for this technology.  Current pricing can be found here.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for a license.
  2. Create your own app for your community. 
  3. Customize the app. Use your own branding and populate it with information on your local businesses, attractions and events. Once you sign on to use the app, you can easily manage the information. 
  4. Reward exploration! There is a rewards program where the user gets points for visiting places in your community.  You can identify rewards locations where users can redeem their points when they make purchases. This helps drive traffic and sales for local businesses.
  5. There are also analytics built in so you can see where your visitors are from and the paces they visit. This kind of data is rarely available fron other sources.

To support shop local initiatives and tourism, this platform from 468 Communications allows municipalities to maintain their own branded mobile apps, and reward users for visiting places in the community.  This opportunity is available to all Albertans; you don't need to be an EDA member to acquire this APP. 

Click here to watch 468 Communications founder Tim Fry. 

He spoke at EDA Xperience 2021, our Annual Conference and explained why this APP is essential to your community's economy.  

To learn more about how the platform works, click here.

For pricing information click here.

Or to get the app now, click on the button below to connect directly with 468 Communications.

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For our province's economy to thrive, local economies must also thrive. That means supporting local businesses. This platform is a powerful tool for engaging community residents and visitors in a way that drives people into local businesses. As a result of COVID-19, more and more communities are looking for ways to encourage residents to shop local and to direct visitors to different destinations and local businesses, allowing them to spend more time and money locally. 

Leann Hackman-Carty, EDA CEO

In an increasingly digital and mobile world, communities need to place a premium on presence. 468 Insider apps create incentives around presence, which will ultimately reward visitors and residents for investing in the local economy.

We are pleased to have a licensing agreement with EDA to help bring this valuable tool to Alberta communities.

Tim Fry, President of 468 Communications

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