Community Economic Development Training Program

Economic development is an intensely competitive field. Economic Developers Alberta is helping your competitive advantage by offering a variety of courses designed to deliver information on the best practices and established tools you can use to help your region thrive.
The CEDTP course series has been designed to:
  • Broaden and deepen the awareness and knowledge of economic development.
  • Provide knowledge, tools, resources, and support systems for those practicing economic development.
  • Define the function and applications of economic development, as well as direct links to sustainable and balanced growth.
  • Deliver educational opportunities to those interested in certification and professional development in the field of economic development.
  • Provide skill development for those practicing economic development

The following courses are available:

Economic Development – Establishing the Foundation- Learn the principles, theories, and fundamentals of economic development that form the basic foundation of every community. More information here. This is now available online through the University of Calgary.

Business Retention and Expansion - Integrate effective assessment and planning tools in order to help you build and retain a strong business community.

Business and Investment Attraction - Discover the important role business and investment attraction plays in advancing your economic development strategy.

Marketing and Branding Your Community -  Develop a basic understanding of marketing and branding principles as they apply to community economic development.

Opportunity Identification
- Uncover fundamental principles that will help you identify, assess, and nurture potential opportunities for economic growth.

Project Management - Learn how to adopt a project management framework to plan and execute successful economic development activities in your community.

Supporting Agriculture through Community Economic Development - Adopt assessment and planning tools to support and expand your agriculture sector by implementing collaborative economic development activities.

Here's what participants had to say about EDA's course, "Marketing and Branding Your Community" 

"This course was very timely and long overdue for our community. A great tool for building on."

"The instructor, Natalie Gibson was excellent! There are some unique differences between each of our municipalities, but a lot is also the same.  Working together, regionalization, and collaboration across the country is the answer." 

 Among the participants: elected officials, economic development practitioners, and Community Futures representatives. 

For more information, or to book a training session, contact us at or phone us at 1.866.671.8182  

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