EDA's 40th Anniversary

In 2014, Economic Developers Alberta reached a milestone. It was its 40th Anniversary of providing information, professional development and networking opportunities to advance the economic development profession in the province. 

Our roots date back to the 1960’s when a few industrial commissioners from across Alberta gathered several times a year to discuss their profession and learn about each other's activities.

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In 1973, this small group asked industry leaders to participate in establishing a formal gathering of industrial development managers. Then on February 15, 1974 the founding meeting was held. Thirty-two people attended and Alex Metcalfe, Economic Development Manager of Calgary Power Limited was elected Chairman. The group's declared purpose: "To promote a liaison between economic developers within Alberta." Their unanimous name choice: "The Economic Developers of Alberta" or EDA. The first AGM was held in Red Deer that September with 45 registered attendees.

Messages from Past Presidents:

Today we remain the only professional organization of economic developers in Alberta. Our membership has grown to almost 300 individuals from a breadth of professions involved in or interested in economic development.

I am proud to usher in this milestone year as your President. As we look to the future we continue our commitment toproviding opportunities for you to advance your economic development practice, which will ultimately ensure the sustainability of your community.- Richard Pauls, EDA President 2013-14



"Serving as President of the Economic Developers of Alberta was a honour and a fabulous learning experience. I had the opportunity to work and meet economic development professionals that have shaped my career in a positive manner to this day. I am proud of EDA's professional growth, high value and strong networking opportunities."- Cyril Cooper, EDA President 2010-2011


"There had been a loose grouping of economic developers from around Alberta for some time but it had never been formally constituted. When I became President we decided it was time to incorporate and the inaugural board had quite the discussion about the name. Most other similar groups used the simple description of “association” in some form but there were a couple of directors who were adamant that they wanted a much more dynamic name. As I recall, the conversation went something like “…. we aren’t just a bunch of folks “associating” and having nice get togethers, we are the ones who are DEVELOPING Alberta!” (I can’t remember if there was an expletive after that but it sure seems likely!) So Economic Developers Alberta it was…no “association” for us!" - Malcolm Harvey, EDA President 1980-81

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